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Ways to Vape and Keep a Healthy Mouth

Doctors and dentists agree that vaping is much less unhealthy for your mouth (and body), but it still comes with oral health challenges. Take these steps to save the day even when vaping away.

Be Mindful of Allergy Symptoms

Some people new to vaping experience a mild burning sensation in their tongues, which soon goes away. But others find themselves experiencing cold sores, raw gums and a general oral nightmare.

Most likely, they have an allergy to PG, or propylene glycol, a major ingredient in most vaping oils. Thankfully, an alternative exists in VG, or Vegetable Glycerin-based oil. If you experience sores and oral discomfort, ask about VG-only oil at your vaping counter.

Careful of Long-Term Nicotine Effects

Users of nicotine often assume that only tobacco smoke, with its chemicals and cancer-inducing properties, is the only danger of commercial cigarettes. However, the nicotine in vape oil can have an eventual effect on your health – even your oral health.

Studies show that nicotine intake can lead to increase teeth-grinding and bad breath, even if cigarettes are out of the equation. Nicotine can even hamper a diagnosis by hiding evidence of gum disease. So vape in moderation, and ask your merchant about decreasing the nicotine level in your oil.

Dry Mouth Warning!

Vape exhaust in your mouth can cause marked dryness, also leading to breath issues and general discomfort. Thankfully, a community of vapers is out there with helpful advice! Some of the time honored remedies are obvious, such as drinking lots of water.

Other remedies are not as obvious, like eating radishes, tomatoes and celery – fruits and vegetables that are about 95% water. It is also a good idea to avoid excess caffeine.

The sugary flavoring in vape oil is like a log on a fire – if you’re having an active day, great. If not, it can weigh things down a little bit.

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Future Research Possibilities

Scientific research studies have shown an overall energy boost with peptides.  Peptides are biologically occurring chains of amino acids, specifically sequenced for biologic activity. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown significant results in fat burning, muscle growth, and oral health. Peptides are not yet approved for human consumption by the FDA.

Ignore the Scare Tactics

For various reasons, exaggerated health-scare claims about vaping have been prevalent since the alternative to smoking came into public focus. Ignore the rabble!

If you are a former smoker, experts agree that your new habit is a marvelously healthier – even life-saving – choice. Indulge responsibly and keep making positive changes in your lifestyle.

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